Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good, Better, Best Days

A good day in a quilter's life is sitting at the machine and sewing all day long, stopping only to occasionally beat a dog  for eating a pillow you have taken out of his mouth 14,000 times and threatening to send him back to CAAWS to live in a cage for the rest of his life.....but I digress.

A better day in a quilter's life is having the blocks you are sewing start looking like they are supposed to look after you have made 27,000 errors in putting the blocks together because you are not reading the directions and you think you know how to put a quilt together better than the lady who designed the stupid pattern in the first place and you spend half the day ripping something off each block you put together that morning.....but I digress.

The best day in a quilter's life is when, despite the dog and the cat fighting in the hallway and all the mistakes you made putting the blocks together, the blocks actually go together and lie flat, the seams all meet despite the many many many tiny pieces you have spent the last two days cutting and sewing and trimming.  And the quilt top is flat and even and most beautiful!  Yes, the best day!

I am sorry I can't show you the quilt, it is a guild mystery I am working on checking my directions and cannot divulge the reveal for another 8 months.  Sorry!  But it is so beautiful.  And I would never have chosen this particular designer's patterns or this particular pattern had I been looking for a quilt to make.  Now I love it.  Just shows you gotta be open to new ideas and good things will come.

I doubted my color choices immediately after I cut everything out and began to sew the block together.  But when the blocks started to live together, they blended perfectly!  This will be a fabulous mystery revealed in September.

I can't show you, sorry!




  1. Great post! Threats don't work with Lorenzo but a day spent in the backyard with Ama, makes for a careful puppy.


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