Monday, January 30, 2012

A little experimentation

I have this scrap pile of plaid shirts leftover from cutting up shirts for two quilts.  Yes, TWO quilts!  You don't really figure there is that much fabric in a shirt, but there are a lot of pieces that are too small for this or that, and they just go into a scrap pile.

So I have been thinking about Log Cabin type blocks with the plaid shirt scraps.  And I had some time tonight to play a bit and see if there was any value to the idea.

I like them but have no idea what to do with them other than make more!  I can do that happily!  Maybe a border for one of the scrap quilts, maybe a whole other quilt altogether.  Who knows!

What would YOU do with them?   Maybe we need a Plaid Shirt Challenge?



  1. Send them to me! I love them - well it is one option isn't it! They would make great blokey quilts!

  2. I have quite a collection of deconstructed plaid shirts, but they are all shades of blue. I am planning on making a couple of quilts with them this year. I like the idea of log cabins.


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