Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Birthday!

I thought to have a good birthday and I am so far!  It has been a long time since I really enjoyed this time of the year.  I really do hate having my birthday so close to Christmas and not spread out into the rest of the year like everyone else's seems to be.

But I decided to make the best of it anyway and take full advantage of the birthday part of today.


I got a present from friends.

I got to go to see Gordon Lightfoot (see the last post for some concert video)

I got cards from the dogs.  Really funny dog cards too.

And two presents from Franklin.
And lunch with some friends.

And another present from friends.

A balloon from Frank when I got home, too funny.

I got to take the bassets to PetsMart and get toes trimmed.  And we had a smell-a-thon with the dog food aisle.  It took us a half hour to make it to the front of the store!

And dinner with daughter and son-in-law tonight at the Steakhouse
And ANOTHER present from them.  ( I sure hope it is a good one!!!!!)
Then home to do some Country Dancing with Frank

And that is taking full advantage of a birthday day!



  1. Happy happy birthday - and may there be many more!

  2. Wow! You really made a haul! Congrats! Don't think I've ever had such a fun B.D. Eat a steak for me tonight!! Love ya

  3. Happy birthday! Better late than never? :)

  4. A belated happy birthday Glen! And oh yes, I received my goodie package this week, thank you!!!


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