Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stash Report 1-29-12 and a very very very bad dog

I did well this week considering I had to purchase the material for the Tiny Tiny Houses sashing.  But that was a total necessity as I had nothing here that would do.  So I don't feel guilty about that purchase!

I did, however, NOT purchase several things I did want this week.  No plans for any of them, but I held back and made no extraneous purcvhases of fabrics I did not need.  Aren't you proud of me????

Here is the damge this week:

Oh, I thought you might enjoy seeing the little dog in his last hours of life.  He is hiding from the Wrath of Mom because he did this:

 (to a whole new toilet paper package I had just brought home from the store.  All 12 of them now have fancy edges.)

Stash Report:

I used scraps and fabric I had around here to cut up for the Neighborhood Quilt, the Tiny Tiny Houses, and the Mystery Quilt I cant' show you, then I purchased the sashing and two dotty fat quarters for the Houses (FQs were not for the houses, just for fun!) and the total for the month is:

Used this week:  -11.75 yards
Used this Month:  -29.3 yards
Used totoal 2012:  -29.3

Purchased this week:  3 yards
Purchased this Month:  3 yards
Purchased this year:  3 yards

Grand total REDUCTION of 26.3 yards

 And I still don't have space on my shelves!  LOL.



  1. Great usage! Lorenzo says to tell his buddy that toilet paper gets you into trouble every time. Better to chew up magazines or newspaper but not quilt magazines b/c that gets you put out overnight. LOL

  2. I rather they steal it unused than

  3. Fantastic numbers for the first month of the years.

    What would life be like without out dog? I certainly don't want to find out.

  4. Isn't it amazing how we can use up fabric by the yards and still have no space on the shelves...poor puppy...I would hide too....

  5. rofl...what a priceless doggie picture! better tp than fabric or shoes!!

  6. Is that poor DiNozzo hiding? I'd think with a house full of furry friends he'd find other ways to amuse himself. :o) That photo could win a "bag doggie" contest.

  7. Oh, oh. Puppy is in trouble.

    Your tiny houses are looking good.

  8. Your numbers look great - but the dog hiding is priceless!!!

  9. Oh Swooze---gag gag gag! Di Nozzio -- do they have remedial classes for him? ROFL!!! yes, at least it wasn't a quilt magazine! Or the favorite shoes. (Be sure to put all favorite shoes on top shelf of closet....) threaten him with a long car ride to class.


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