Sunday, January 15, 2012

A very full, full, full, Design Wall 1-16-12

This is what, the third design wall of the year?  And I have to say, even though I have been busy with things, my poor design wall still has those pesky dogs and chickens on it!  But I have not done anything with them.  In fact I thought yesterday, I wonder where the Outhouse Blocks are?  With my luck Judy will call for that number on Feb 1 and I will spend the next 11 months searching AGAIN!

But what I am working on is trying to finish things up.  Like UFOs.  I just today completed the Polar Bears.  They are in the dryer drying.  

I am also still trying to straighten up my quilt room.  To little avail, however, it is meant to be cluttered.  Which is why I am trying to use up stash.  I have a retreat coming up soon and plan to make some headway on some tops I have sitting around from the last retreat.

Like this one from Flavin Glover's class, Lanterns.

And this red and grey one from Bonnie Hunter's class.

And these from Judy Laquidara's classes.  On this bright quilt I already have put the borders on and it just waits to be sandwiched and quilted.  I really need to work on the tension on my long arm.  The polka dots are all I have done on that one.

So I guess you can say my design wall is FULL FULL FULL!



  1. What great projects. I really like polka dot one. What pattern is that? I picked up my studio a bit this morning. I found some of my favorite fabrics tucked away in a basket with patterns I am no longer interested in making. I was so excited to see the fabric again.

  2. You've been busy! I love your chickens and dogs.

  3. Wow! How many design walls do you have?!? I really enjoyed the class and lecture I attended by Flavin Glover -- she's got such a funny sense of humor! The Lanterns quilt is lovely -- I love that yellow you're using! So ... have you scouted up any crimson fat quarters?!? LOL!!! ;)

  4. Lots of fun projects here! I have to say I love the lanterns top.

  5. Lots of things to inspire us. I love those chickens. I have the book but haven't done any chickens. Some day. but first I need to finish some projects.

    Re cleaning/neatening up the studio. do you have a neatnik friend? I brought mine in and she was a great help. We got so much done in a day. I may bring her back to do the other half of the studio but it is all this rubber stamping stuff I don't use all that much. And my book collection... and the yarns... and...
    you get the picture. B.

  6. WOW, you do have loads of projects going but I think it's kind of neat to work on different things at once. That way it's never boring.
    I've become a "FOLLOWER" of your blog and will visit as often as my life allows.
    Take care.

  7. I just love your dogs & chickens quilt-it will be fun to see how you put it all together.

  8. You aren't kidding about Jan being productive. Man I'm tired just looking at your design wall! I love the chicken and dog blocks - so cute. I want to have chickens, but I have dogs and need figure that one out first. The polka dots are adorable!!

  9. Wow, you have fab projects on the wall and it is indeed very full. I had to sent the long arm in to get the tension fixed and it runs like a dream. Yep, I messed around with it for weeks before throwing in the towel. It was the best $100 spent. It works better now than ever. Good luck with the tension, it drives me nuts.

  10. Yes...lots of creative energy and great quilting it!

  11. Lots on the go. I love all log cabin, also like the block on the bottom right. Good to see so much.


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