Thursday, February 9, 2012

Busy Busy Bone Day

Water Hyacinth
Met with the new Guild today.  40+ people were there, excellent group.  They even had a presentation about making strawberry pin cushions and put together and a kit for everyone to practice with!

Everyone brought stuff to trade and I came home with 3 sets of circular knitting needles and a knitting CD.  It has been 20 years or more since I knitted or crocheted anything.  but I was quite adept at it and made lots of place mats and doilies with the thin cotton thread as well as a cape and some purses and a few afghans.  I did make a sweater but it was too hot to wear, very heavy.  I am working on socks right now with 5 needles, and that is something new.

There were a lot of old quilting magazines from the early 90's in stacks someone was getting rid of.  I thought about taking them and doing a give away, but it gets so expensive sending out all those packages.  So I left them there and just traded for the knitting needles.

Had lunch afterwards with Ann, a good lunch at Jason's.  A nice salad piled high with spinach, lettuce, mushrooms, broc, cauliflower, and no dressing since I forgot my stuff.  I used the last one about two weeks ago and have forgotten to put another one back in my purse pocket.   This salad was a change from sitting near the table at the Guild meeting and having 3kingcakes, ham roll ups, muffins, coffee, tea, and some sort of chocolate brownie cake with cherry pie filling staring me in the face.  I resisted.......really.  Took some willpower, but I resisted.  My mouth is watering as I type........

 Since I left my camera at home today and did not take any pictures of anything, I will entertain you with some of my Kaleidoscope photo.  I have a program that makes the kaleidoscope photos from your photos and I have played with quite a few.   Cool, huh.

Borgemeyer pup
 I bought the dogs each a bone today. One of those kinds they probably aren't supposed to have but I couldn't resist when I thought about how they would enjoy it.  DiNozzo was so good all afternoon.  He chewed and chewed and chewed and I got the whole Stained Glass blocks put together and onthe design wall.  while he was occupied.  Then he came in and I asked him where his bone was.  He says, I dunno.  We walked the yard, the house and the yard again.  no bone in sight.  He must have hidden it for later.  I had another do who would do that.  She also had been starved and beaten and was a rescue.  My second Irish Setter, she was.  She would hid at least a mouthful of her food every night and every morning again.  I had food all over the house!  She would go back and eat it during the day though.

St Patty Dutch

And Chloe chewed her bone all day too.  She refused to come in to eat supper even.  Frank had to go out and trick her with doggy bones and treats.  And I tossed her bone when she was eating.  She was so mad at me, she searched and searched and searched for that bone.  And she would come to me, and woooooooo at me, then go back and search.  She is passed out from exhaustion on the sofa now.  Maybe she will forget about it in the morning.

glen:  tomorrow the weigh in, and lunch with my favorite cousin (I have a laptop I picked up for Matt so I am the delivery lady!)


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  1. Wonderful kaleidoscope photos - I love seeing the photos or creating them. Photo software and digital cameras are so great!


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