Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elephant layouts

Sounds like a basketball term.  The Elephants are gaining on the Tigers, the Elephants set a layup and they take the SCORE!

I think these elephants have scored big!  LOL.

I did a layout last night, finally got all the papers off the backs of the sashing squares.  I am not sure what to call them, jungle squares?  They sort of look like the jungle.  Are there jungles in India?  I guess so, because I think of tigers roaming the Indian jungles.  This is what they looked like.

I was so afraid this quilt was going to be too beige-y.  But the jungle squares have darkened the entire piece.  So I wanted to test the piece I had thought of for the border.

And it definitely needed a stop border!  Black was too harsh.  Both Frank and I immediately vetoed that.  So I tried several other pieces.  This one worked best but I am still not totally happy with it.  I will finish putting the entire top together and maybe take it to a fabric store and see what happens in that space.

The fabulous thing is that Jo-Ann's Fabrics is opening in another week!  Can't wait!



  1. Those sashing squares are an amazing match with the elephants. Great job!


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