Saturday, February 4, 2012

Guild Challenge for 2012

This will be a lot of fun, it even begins in one of my favorite places ---- the hardware store! We were challenged to find paint chips whose first letter corresponded with our initials. My initials have several potential possibilities. My front name is, of course, glen. My last name begins with P. And my middle name is A. Maiden name is another G. So I have a G A P and another G. But only three can be used. So I have a couple of options.

 I went to my favorite hardware store and scoffed up a three inch stack of chits. (I am sure they will be very happy with 70+ people going in and grabbing 3 inch stacks of paint chips and not buying a single can of paint.)  I piled them up into letter piles and began to organize (like the only thing I can effectively organize anyway)  them in pleasing groupings. Here are a few of the possibilities.

Garden Gate/Amber Yellow/Peach Cobbler

Grape Juice/Aster/Purplicious

Graham Cracker Crust/Gecko/Purple Rain (I may use this one just for the names!)

 Interesting? Very much so. I need to find a good pattern or design one to use. Black, white and gray are free colors, but can be no more than 25% of the total quilt. I would like to see a quilt with shades of gray......wouldn't that be cool?  You would have to work to get the names of the grays to work, that might be difficult.

I liked playing with the possibilities.  And found that it is a pleasant way to look at colors.  I have used the long paint chips as bookmarks for many many years now.  I coordinate the color of the book with the color of the paints.  I also like to coordinate the colors of my bath towels and face cloths and have been known to be in the laundry room in my birthday suit digging through the dryer for a specific green face cloth to go with the rose towel.........

glen:  we have a really dark sinister storm rolling though, yep, pouring down rain in solid sheets.  Lots of lightening and thunder, and all the dogs are peacefully different from the big bold sissy Swissys!

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  1. Dee designed the same type challenge for us too. Must be the popular challenge this year. CWS or CMWS. Chocolate, White, and Silver. mmmmmm.


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