Thursday, February 16, 2012

The long and winding road

Ok, sing it with me......the lonnnnnng and windinggggg rooooooad --- that leaaaaads to Daisy's Doooooooor!

Well, I guess you have to know what road I am talking about to really appreciate the long and winding road in the title.  Cottage Creations is the shop Daisy owns and it is way the hell and gone in the boondocks out in the middle of BFE.  Yes, you know what that means.

So I swore I would never go that far again, but they lured me out there with Charlene's Iron Caddy Class.  I love Charlene, and in spite of where she chose to put the shop, I love Daisy too, I guess.  So I went.  Grumbling the whole way.  It took me an hour.........AN get there.  And that road, il lungamente e strada di bobina, was a viaggio diablico for sure!

The class was good, Charlene is a good teacher, and we had a blast.  Here are some photos of the whole group of caddys.  You can see why Teacher thought she had her purse when she left the library and left with ONLY the Caddy on her arm, not her purse, which was snuggled into a seat in the back of the room all alone and scared.

We each chose different fabrics and they all looked wonderful!  It took some work to get the binding to turn those odd corners, no one was much experienced with that technique and there was much complaining.

Caddy Caddy Bang Bang gals

Mary working diligently
Here are some pictures of the whole group of us. Charlene named us the Caddy Caddy Bang Bang Gals!  LOVE IT~!

Keep scrolling down and you will see more of our fabulous adventure out in the woods.  Where I am never going again.  Ever.  Until there is another good class, I guess.  Until then, never.
Jeanette and LSU Caddy

Me with my  Dotty Caddy

Ann with her Kitty Caddy

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  1. I made one without the class for Beth at Christmas! It was fun and challenging all at the same time.


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