Saturday, February 4, 2012

Plaid Shirt Wonky Log Cabins

So we went to the Farmer's Market this morning and I spent the morning cooking up 2 cabbages, 6 cauliflowers, 8 broccoli.  I chopped 4 huge bunches of green onions into bags for the freezer.  I didn't buy turnips this time, I think I am getting tired of them for now.  So for lunch I ate the lettuces, some tomatoes, broccoli stems (they taste like artichoke stems when you put oil and vinegar on them!) and some Walden Farms Chipolte Ranch.

Then after cleaning up the kitchen, I didn't have to clean the floor, DiNozzo was catching everything I dropped, I headed to my room to sew the afternoon away!  That resulted in these guys.  I still have a pile of shirts, I think I multiplies during the night.  Nothing I do puts a dent in the pile.  So I now have 18 wonky log cabins out of the plaid shirts.  And I need two more, but I can gt them tomorrow.

I spent some time looking for a particular book that had shadows under the blocks, because I thought to cast shadows with these blocks.  But it turns out not to be what I want.  So I tested some background and I think I shall set them tilting.  Frank is appalled that a quilt would have uneven sashing and that the blocks would not be all straight and perfect.  So he left the room before his head exploded.  But before he left he cast his vote for the sashing he preferred and (surprisingly enough) it was the one I preferred.  Go figure that after all these years we finally agree on something.

This one is too light, the blocks fade into it.

This one is too dark, the block get absorbed by it.

This one is interesting, but busy.

This one is darker than the lightest one up there, but still not right.

I said to myself.......Think outside the box, girl.  And my eyes lit upon this one.
And it was good.....


  1. it is good! this has a lovely gees bend feeling to me.

  2. Oooh! Great choice. I really like your log cabins.

  3. great choice!! love those blocks.


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