Wednesday, February 1, 2012

UFO Finish for January

Oh yeah, I have to link to this post for Judy's UFO January finish, so I will do two posts this morning.

I did finish my January UFO, wonder of wonders, amazing, unbelievable, incredible, mind bending.......I know, I know!

Here it is!  Ta Da!

this is the one, remember, with the mirror images of the Northern Lights and the Polar Bears I brought home from one of the Alaska trips.  And I made a second side, because I really didn't have room for a wall hanging in the house.  So here are the bears......and the northern lights.    First one side, then the other.  Cool!

And the whole thing all together:

A finish for January, and appropriately cold looking.  Even though today is 75 degrees.



  1. I really like this, very unusual. It would be at home here , it's freezing.


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