Saturday, March 31, 2012


Well, this is very late Friday night and tomorrow is the big day. Tonight we went to the comedy club The Funny Bone. I didn't know it was still in existence. But it is, and we were there with some friends.

Frank and hunter have birthdays just days apart and we have, for years, celebrated them together. Hunter called with tickets to see a hypnotist. Frank loves magics shows so he was all over that. Hunter is an interesting person. He is highly intelligent, but has difficulty relating to "normal" people, but Frank has always been able to relate as friends with him. They respect each other. And they understand each other. They both are hyperactive and have dealt with life from the fast lane. Hunter faster than Frank, but fast nonetheless.

 So we went.

 It was interesting, a bit lewd at times. But interesting. Some of the act was really great, but he had nine people literally humping each other several times throughout the act. Yuck! I liked the faces he had them make, the time he told the guy he had ants in his pants and wow! There was no hesitation and the pants flew off!!! That was funny because he had a really nice thong on underneath! 

One day I want to be hypnotized. Not like this in a comedy club where they make you do horrible things, but, for really. I did speak with two of the people afterwards and asked them about the experience. One said she knew what was happening but was compelled to do it. Like you were really drunk and somebody suggested rolling a house, you were all for it! The other said the hypnotist spoke so fast that you had to focus totally on him. And you just did what he said because there was nothing else.

 What do you think happens when you are hypnotized? Do you want to be, of course, responsibly hypnotized? Have you e er been? What did it feel like? 

Did you design a quilt while you were under? Hmmmm. Maybe that would be a fabulous spark for creativity. Maybe I could be hypnotized to like to sew on labels!!


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  1. I'm thinking being hypnotized to choose the winning lottery ticket numbers would be kind of nice.....
    but sewing on a label sounds great too.
    for me it would have to enjoy putting the 3 layers together...


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