Monday, March 12, 2012

Design Wall Monday 3-12-11

Lots of stuff going on, but still the same stuff.  How does that happen?

I did make some progress.

I went from this:

To this:

And from this:
To this:

See, no swatstikas!  LOL.  I stil need one more of the blocks.  ANd yes, I know it is sideways, but it won't turn.  What's up with that?
And I got the center of my stained glass completed.  Now to find the perfect black batik!  (It is really straight, but just hanging funky on the design wall.)


  1. I still love your Piet Mondrain quilt. It makes me wish I were teaching again and could have students design quilts like this one after seeing it. Oh, I love it.

  2. The stained glass quilt should be at my house ;)and that's a lot of cutting and sewing going on at your place.

  3. I'm convinced that lots of projects done simultaneously keeps the brain young!
    Hey that is my story and I'm sticking to it:0)

    the stained glass really caught my eye on Judy's links.....absolutely beautiful...great colors!

    Happy sewing

  4. WOW! Your stained glass top is terrific....really love the colors.

  5. Very nice projects....I love the binder clip idea. I get my rows so screwed up sometimes....

  6. Oh, look at that stained glass quilt, that's a beauty!


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