Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Did I Say STOKED?????

I said I was going work on sewing for a bit, but after seeing this I am really stoked about this quilt.

I can see the rippling waves of the Caribbean as our ship glides through them.  Patsy and Chuck will LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt!

Oh, and use this time to perfect your skills.  Since this is an exciting quilt that requires just a little bit of brain work, think carefully about how you sew your quarter inch seam.  Try to make a perfect quarter inch.

And when you trim, think about positioning your ruler so your rotary cutter is so precise when it slices through the fabric.  And think about where your fingers are -- AWAY FROM THE BLADE!

It took me a second or two to figure out how to lay these guys out.  This quilt is on point so make the bottom corner of your color strips touch the very top corner of the white strip of the next row.  Once you get the row going, you will have it.

Easy as pie!

Stoked, did I say I was STOKED?


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