Tuesday, March 13, 2012

JoAnn's Bling

There was a group of 6 of us who went to the JoAnn's.  And then 4 of us headed to lunch at the steakhouse.

 Everything I purchased had a purpose, really it did have a purpose.  Truthfully, a purpose.

Bought the backing for the ellie quilt.  Perfect.  Doesn't it look African Elephants?  Notwithstanding that my elephants are from Sri Lanka.  Close.

Bought the borders for the stained glass quilt, don't have the back yet though.  Semi-perfect.

Bought some fabric to make raffle items for the dog club.  Cute cute.  And some of that net to make the tote bags with.  Totally perfect.

And found a remnant of  blue doggy fabric that came 50% off, so I had to have that........yes...........a purpose, for the raffle items.......yes.  Perfect too.

And some WOW to finish my triangle blocks for block lotto this month.  I have 5 made and I need to make 9.  I want to win them.  Yes I do!  If I don't win, I will ust have to make my own and that means more fabric.

And a new pad for the ironing  board, I can use some of my stash to make the cover and make it so it doesnt twist off like this one does because it is too small.

and some lollipop sticks.  For Frank's party, I want to make chocolate cake lollipops.


  1. OK I will be watching to see that you busted this all before the next stash report! ;)

    That ellie backing is perfect! Even before I read the words I thought it would go great with that quilt.

  2. The fabric to back the ellies is perfect! What a great find.


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