Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let me make myself perfectly clear......

I wrote the last post last night and my endorphins were running high and must have blocked out my brain work.

You can put them together on the diagonal.  Why I didn't say that word, I don't know.  Like this:

Those of you doing the HSTs don't need to do diagonals.  You can do strip rows.  That makes the HSTs easier at that juncture.

Wait, let me go stuff something down DiNozzo's barking mouth........Ok, back.

I did a really really bad bad bad Momma thing yesterday.  I totally forgot that it was Carrie and Andrew's Anniversary.  I had it in my Ipad but it crashed remember, and I lost all my dates.  Well, I never gave it a thought!

I was so upset.  I should have remembered.  But with all this going on, I guess it just got away from me.  Anyway.  I have an appointment at the hospital today and when I get back I will work on the blue, gold and green rows and make the decision about the Vertical/Horizontal look.  We will see what it looks like with three more rows.  It may not matter at all.

glen:  and then, again, it may make all the difference in the world.  I really need to get back to the zen thing....

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  1. Breathe slowly! Slow deep breathes. Now clear your mind - as long as Andrew remembered it will all be good. Going play With Bargello and Dorine Evans tomorrow.


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