Friday, March 23, 2012

Shopping and Patty A's zig zags

Just to show you I am not alone out there, here is Patty A from Ohio's Zig Zags from her scraps.  Hers is more muted than my bolder colors and I just love it.  Tell you what I do also love about her work is the way she can piece with abandon!  Check out the gorgeous linen quilt she is working on now.  These are scraps from a wedding quilt she just finished.  I am lusting after those colors for sure!  See her work at her blog:
Patty The Quilt Lady.  If you scroll down to just past the daffodils you will see the original quilt, that I just love.

I did go shopping this morning and bought the most amazing dresses.  Yes, for those who know me know dresses are not my thing.  But what I set out to get was a form fitting dress.  Something I have never had before.  Never, ever.  Ever.

I picked up some size 16s and went to try them on.  THEY WERE TOO BIG!!!!  So I went back and got 14s, and they fit.  Mostly.  I just need one to be taken in a bit.  the 12s were a push for now.

But here they are, me not in them as I have no way to take a picture of me.

Now I need somewhere to go.  And a feathery hat.  Like those church ladies wear.  I am looking out for a hat now.  Blue teal or lime green.    I want to be just perfect when we get on the cruise ship and they take that initial picture.

I called Chuck and told him I was hot and smoking now to be prepared for when he saw me.  There was a slight hesitation and then he came back strong and clear, he said, Honey, you were hot and smoking last time I saw you!  (Yeah.  He was in a hospital bed after open heart surgery and I was his lifeline to the world!  LOL)

I purchased the perfectly colored scarf for the teal flower dress, which will go with the white as well.  I have teal sandals that will make the perfect outfit.  I also have red shoes for the white dress if I need that, and a wonderful red white and blue jacket from Carrie's Shower 3 years ago that will make the perfect accompaniment for that white sundress.

Then there was the beaded blue beauty. I did not realize it but the wonderful purse and purple scarf goes with that too!  LOL.  Serendipity!  Love that purse.

Amber, you can borrow any of these if you want!  LOL.  You would look smoking hot in any one of them, too!

glen:  any way you look at it, Patty and I are smokin'


  1. Patty A. here - thanks for the wonderful comments about my zig zag and linen pieces. I love the bright colors you are using for yours. Now I only have about 400 more already made patches for zig zag quilt to use up!


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