Thursday, March 8, 2012

Something must have worked........

The PT people called me late yesterday and set up an appt for my physical therapy.

Not sure why we couldn't have done it on the phone yesterday...........or is that looking a gift horse in the mouth?

I got some straightening done yesterday afternoon, then made some paperpieced tiny blocks for a round robin swap I am doing.  I can't show you that, is it Top Secret!  Then went to a meeting a Direct Buy.

I also had the discussion with the nursing home about my mom.  She got the cast off, and is now attempting to get out of the bed.  They cannot restrain her much more than they do now, so I guess she will be back at the emergency room soon.  Sigh.

Today, maybe get some sewing in, the round robin finished, and then some blocks for my Block Lotto Swap.  I didn't win last month so maybe THIS month?  I love the blocks this month, hint hint hint.........


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