Sunday, April 15, 2012

Design Wall 4-16-12

Well, I guess your taxes are done and you are either happy about getting something back you already paid in, or you are waiting till that last second to write the check for money you owe!  I hope you got some of your money back!  I get so frustrated with people who say, I didn't have to pay, I got money back!  That is YOUR money to begin with, you DID have to pay.......geez.  But that is the way they want you to think!

Anyway, since he got the $1,348,672  error fixed, we are getting some of our money back.  I am hoping to get to the mailbox before he does so I can claim it as quilting funds.  

I am working on the Paint Chip Challenge Quilt.  Loving it!  Here is all I can offer you at the present time.  I have changed the colors to make it unidentifiable!  But you will love it in the end.  August, you will see it in August.

I am putting the finishing touches on the Ocean Waves Zig Zag for Patsy and Chuckie Baby for the cruise.  It will be so wonderful to see them, especially in light of the diagnosis.  

I chose a blue batik scrap binding I had leftover from Matt's Star quilt last year.  I have about 2 feet of the binding to complete, and that darned label.  You know how I do so hate to sew labels on.  When I am dead and gone, there will be no labels to tell people which quilts are mine!  I know.  I know.  I am working on that.

Charlene and Xavier will be in town on Thursday and I am hoping to hug on them for a while at the casino. Who knows, maybe we will get a group for the next cruise.  That would be a blast!



  1. Good luck claiming that tax refund! Love the zig-zag quilt!

  2. What a wonderful Zig-Zag quilt...great colors! Really cheery and bright!

    =)new follower =)

  3. Wah! I can't believe you are making us wait until August to see that paint chip challenge. That is forever! The zig zag turned out great and I'm sure it will be loved.

  4. The zig zag quilt looks great! I too drag my feet on labels and recently I've gone to just writing on the back with a permanent pigma pen. I heat set it with my iron and haven't had any problems and my quilt gets a label with minimal work on my part.

  5. The zig zag is really cute. It looks like it is something even I could do :)

  6. Zig zag quilt looks great! Still thinking about the PCC--need to get to Home Depot to pick out colors first. not sure if I'll have enough time between now and August.

  7. Your paint chip challenge sounds fun. Must be something like Judy's color challenge. Did you see their sample colors in that molding pie...ich! Some of the projects I've seen using the colors are really nice. I'm sure your paint chip project will be a winner too! Have fun on your cruise and the possibility of another. That sure was one whopper of an error! Sandi


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