Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Puppies and Stash Busting

Would you believe those cutie pies names are Cheddar and Goose?  LOL.  I really love to look at a show catalog and see the names on the dogs registered.  It comes from my childhood.

My father taught me to do math by having me bet my allowance on the track horses.  And he would take it too.  We lived just outside of Jefferson Downs Track in Metairie, LA (suburb of New Orleans).  And he would procure the racing form, I would perform the handicaps, evaluate the horses, and place my bets.  We would then sit outside in the yard and keep track of who won and how they ran.

You would think that I would be good at math, right?  I am not.  And I would usually lose my allowance.  Because the thing that interested me most of all were the horses names.

Hey, maybe that is why I love to name my quilts these exotic names!  Wow, a revelation from the childhood files.

I cut out the two borders for the Zig Zags and the black for the Neighborhood Quilt.  So along with the Piet  Mandarin (thanks  Charlene, I love his work) that gives me nearly enough to cancel out the black I had to buy today to finish both those quilt borders!  You can always use black and with the cost of gas these days, I just bought 4 yards.  It will get used!

glen:  see how delicately I am putting off those elephants????


  1. Looks good!
    I had have 6 retired racing greyhounds. And the racing names are usually different than the kennel names that they are called by their trainers. I have one boy who was named "Fresh" as his kennel name (I renamed him Frasier, Fresh was icky!) but his racing name was a HOOT.. his racing name was "It's Me Trouble" and yeah, he was trouble, but I loved him dearly!!
    One of my girls is named "Mgs Olive Oil" (I call her Lulu) and she had a 90 pound brother named "MGs Wimpy" and I just could not call that big boy Wimpy, so I renamed him Winston. He found a wonderful home, he was my foster.
    But yeah, Greyhound racing names are just as bad as horse racing names, some very funny!

  2. I absolutely love your Zig-Zag.....I might have to steal it!


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