Saturday, May 5, 2012

Don't like the look of green? Go purple!

The title of this should be.....and now for something completely different!  I wish this blog had TASTE-A-VISION for you.

I decided to do something different with a smoothie for lunch.  Using information from the cocktails that Montel Williams uses for his MS, I pulled some interesting things into a new smoothie concoction.  PURPLE!

The info called for 1/2 cup cashews but I had none so I subbed light peanut butter for the whole nuts.  I figured protein is protein and this was already ground up.  Essentially the same so a good dollop went in.

I used onr celery stalk cut up into large chunks,  a handful of spinach, a frozen mango, the rest of the yogurt cup from making more yogurt this morning and about a cup of frozen blueberries.  I warn you, the blueberries make everything purple.

I did have to add some water, so I used the jigger measure to add about 2 ozs.  You can add more if you wish.  I like the smoothies rather thick.    You can also add ice if you want them more frozen, I like them without the ice.  But you do need to drink a lot of water for the afternoon because it is good for you and you need to make digestive juices.

Again, you have no taste clue that there is spinach in there so go ahead and give it a good handful.

I tasted the slight peanuty peanut butter taste, but I love peanut butter so that was no problem at all.

While my new batch of honey almond milk yogurt was cooling I tossed this little ditty together and had a delicious and healthy purple lunch with some additional veggies in there among the fruits.
Since all my yogurt cups are being used I subsittuted a corning ware dish for the yogurt bowl.  It worked yesterday for the yogurt for the frozen yogurt batch.  I need to collect some glass containers to store the yogurt in.  It will last 10-14 days in the fridge tightly covered.  I dont' have a tight lid for this bowl so the batch will have to go into tupperware and see how it does.


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