Wednesday, May 30, 2012

June's Quilt Your Quilt Tops Challenge

Patty the Quilt Lady  has thrown herself into this challenge!  I can always dangle a prize and a challenge and get some friends to tag along!  Check out her list of quilts to finish.

I like the way she has them laid out, she knows just what she has to do and can choose which one she wants to work on next.  I find, sometimes, that I want to work on this but have no interest at the present time for that.  So I like seeing them all laid out.

When Frank gets home tonight I think I will make him help me photograph them in their current state and compile a list as well.  I am always shocked at how many I have, I keep finding them in places around the house.  For example, I cleaned out the hall closet about 4 years ago, and when I looked in there for some pillow cases yesterday, I found at least two tops in there......that is all I am admitting to, anyway.
Whole Wheat Honey
Sandwich Bread

Let me go punch down my rising right back.  Looks fabulous. I am making Chicken Salad Sandwiches tonight for some people and I thought I would bake the bread as well.  I love the chicken salad with grapes and pecans, or walnuts I guess, and mayonnaise.  The bread will be the over the top thing.

Hey, join in and win and I may bake you a bread!  LOL, that ought to be incentive for you!

Back to the quilts.  I have pictures of most of them, but not all of them in a laid out manner so as to be conducive to seeing them.  And I have so many of them I have tossed in the box over the years, I really need to move them out.

I have several promised out, and several that will be Christmas presents, and of course I want them all.  I have one for Frank that may need ripping out what is currently there and redoing to make it better looking.  I tried a Quilt As You Go Technique that I didn't like.  It was too difficult and weird.   I have found a better one now.  So I guess I need to get started on ripping that out if I am going to get it back together in  June.

See, this little challenge has already garnered me one push for the Transportation Quilt and one that is one the frame right now, the Blue Corn Flower.  I have not started it yet, it is just hanging in there waiting for June 1 !!!  LOL.

Come on, you KNOW you have quilts that need to be quilted in your closet, too!


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  1. When I get my machine back, I will join y'all. Right now all I want to do is finish quilting "Soint Stars" and "Soccer Beauty" and "Halloween Web". If I finish SS, I have won.


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