Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yogurt is Good But Calzones are Better!

In the oven

I made a calzone last night.  It was so exciting.  I grabbed a hunk of my Olive Oil dough sitting in the fridge, and rolled it out in a flat circle.  I spread some mozzarella cheese, ricotta with spinach in it, and sprinkled some pepperoni slices on it.  Once it was folded over it was set to bake for about 20 minutes and it came out beautifully golden.

I really could have used less dough and rolled it thinnner but it was good for a first try.

The yogurt came out so beautifully this morning.  I will do another batch and make some frozen yogurt tonight with this one.  The glass jars are nice to have but not necessary, the plastic ones did fine as well in the other set up, when it was working, I mean.

The interesting thing is that EuroCuisine has a statment on their box that says if you have trouble you can bring it back to the retailer, but they would really like you to call them.  They want  to make sure you have a working unit and are happy!

So unlike Waring Pro who didn't care whether my unit was working or not.  Nor did they care to replace it with a working unit.  So I think I will call EuroCuisine in Los Angeles and let them know how much I appreciate that statement!


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  1. Ummmm that calzone looks good, I'm coming to your house for dinner!


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