Friday, June 15, 2012

Can You See the Lizard?

Amber's quilt is complete except for the binding (which I cannot find anywhere.)  I see a cleaning day coming up really soon.  This will impede my forward progress on my quilting for sure.

underside or back of quilt
Can you see the lizard?
I have Dan's quilt on the frame right now and I have completed three rows, maybe 4 I can't remember.  Yes, 4 rows are complete.  They are so cute too, lizards.  I wanted something manly for him.  His quilt is larger than Amber's but they are exactly the same fabrics and pattern.  So the quilting is different.  Hers is that flower and his is the lizards!  Cool beans.

I had to crawl under the frame twice and check the back.  Both times it was perfectly fine.  But if you had a video camera it might garner you a $10,000 prize, it is not pretty.  I got caught once on a screw, and got stuck for a few minutes until I got loose somehow.  Still not sure how I did that.  Frank was at a Krewe of Mutts Parade Meeting and nowhere I could yell for him.

I am too far away from a TV and my iPad is a tad too low in volume to be enjoyable over the fan and the machine.  The machine likes to go slow......I don't.  If I go too fast, I pop that top thread.  But with a nice steady, slow pace, it is fine.

It is just that I am so bored I am about to die!  I need to get some books on tape and listen to them as I go.  Maybe I won't run over my finger with the needle.



  1. The Lizards are too cute. Geesh, I haven't heard anyone else say "cool beans" for years!

  2. You are rockin' right along with getting those tops done! The Lizard is cute. Hey, I just bought some fabric from Hancock's. They had some good prices and I had to buy enough to get free shipping! I will post on my blog when I receive it.


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