Monday, June 4, 2012

Now for the cat.......

I have one cat left, Cali.  She is a muted Calico and a very tiny cat.  Even though she is 18 years old and in great health we still call her the kitten.  She was much smaller than the other two and younger.  Whitney Dallas and Chips the 22 pounder are both gone to Kitty Heaven now.  We are not really sure Chips actually got into Kitty Heaven, but he headed that way.

Cali has this really bad habit of sleeping between your knees at night.  It is a fight to turn over, she is not happy to be awakened by a peaceful sleeper changing position.  She has been known to bite a leg or foot to show her displeasure.

She also talks.  She say "Milk" plainly when she wants some.  She is very polite and says, "Thank You" when you let her in or out the door.  She will ask a question when you have not added more food to her bowl by lifting her voice up at the end after several syllables asking, "More food?"  It is uncanny how she can say, "Out" when you ask what she wants.

Chips would huff and puff around when he was agitated, but Cali has always cursed like a sailor, spitting out deep throated cat epithets when she is annoyed by a dog.  And she is not above taking off a nose and handing it back to the offending dog.  They all have learned to keep their noses well above striking distance.  The Bassets are not that high and both have slashes on their muzzles to demonstrate their slowness.

So last night, I fell asleep on the sofa and Frank was in the bed.....with Cali between his legs.  He has these vivid dreams all the time.  And he will talk and move according to what he is seeing in his mind dream.  Last night he was dreaming he was fighting with super heros and doing karate.  He karate chopped his evil opponent and the backed away to karate kick him.

When his foot landed in his mind dream on his evil nemesis, in the night reality he landed a solid kick on Cali.  She began to do her deep throated yowls yelling "OOOOOOUCH!  OOOOOOOOUCH!  OOOOOOOOUCH!  OOOOOOOOOUCH!"  on and on and on and on.

She continued to loudly yowl for what seemed like an eternity!  I raced back to the bedroom thinking the cat was dying.  DiNozzo was padding down the hallway, alert to the horrifying sounds emanating from the bedroom.  Chloe stopped at the door, unwilling to enter the room for fear the cat would fly at her in revenge.

OOOOOOOOOOUCH!  OOOOOOOOOOOUCH!    OOOOOOOOOOOUCH!  Cali yelled on.  Frank was trying to calm her, stroking her back, feeling her legs, looking at her head.  He finally looked at me and said, "What do I do?"

I couldn't answer him.......I was (as usual) rolling on the floor, nearly peeing on myself with laughter!


  1. I almost spit my tea into my monitor! How funny.
    That name Cali must go with very special girls! My Cali was a greyhound who lived to be well over 15 years. :) She ruled the house with an iron paw.
    Please give your Cali with an 'tude' a hug from me and my crew!

  2. You certainly have a way with words. And it seems that your household is a special place that creates lots of fodder for wonderful stories.

  3. No more super hero dreams for Frank!


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