Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh oh...nearly forgot the stash report!

used this week -0.5
used in june -16.25
added this week 18
Add in June 52
Used YTD -90.5
Added YTD 85.37
Stash reduction -5.13

Still BARELY in the hole for usage!  LOL.  Just hanging on by a thread.  But I have big plans for most of that material.  I have been doing some serious buying at the 40 and 50 % off reduction sale at a local quilt shop looking to downsize their space to a new location.

Right now I am in the mode of finishing up quilting the stack of UFO tops I have in the corner of my room.  I have that challenge to myself (and anyone else of a like mind and there are prizes that don't involve more fabric!)


So far I have 4 completely done, one needing only the binding (that I can't find) and one on the frame right now about 1/3 the way done.  I have three more squared up and waiting for the chance to jump on that frame and get themselves quilted.

I may find some smaller ones to do so Carrie can have a stack of baby quilts to take to showers for her friends who are in the baby mode.

We went to dinner with her and husband Andrew and friends Press and Ann and celebrated Father's Day at a really nice restaurant.  The waitress came around and wanted to know if all the guys were fathers and Andrew nearly broke his neck disavowing that fact saying, even if you are giving away something FREE! I won't stand to that claim!

And indeed, they WERE giving something away free, a four pack of their micro brewed ales to each Dad!



  1. I will have number 4 done in the next couple of days. I have to go back to making backs and pin basting before I can produce more finishes.

  2. What is important is that you ate at Zea's. I love Zea's. I wish we had one closer to us. The closest is Lafayette. They have a dish with the shrimp standing on a bed of sliced cabbage and sliced almonds with this terrific sauce. I am hungary.............


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