Monday, June 18, 2012

oh oh......Now Where Did I Put That Darned Sweater?

I plan on spending the afternoon making tomato basil soup from the abundance of tomatoes from the Farmer's Market on Saturday ( and I gave a ton of them to Ann and Carrie), quilting the lizards on to Dan's quilt, searching for the binding to go on Dan and Amber's quilts AND washing my Beige Light Sweater.

The Beige Light Sweater was given to me by Ann as the perfect cover-up for the chilly restaurant, the freezing movie theater or the cool afternoon on the back patio.  And it is all that.  It is the one go-to piece I bring everywhere.

So when I met Frank at Chimes, I knew the restaurant would be chilly.  And I brought it in with me.  I thought.  I also tossed my Columbia rain jacket over my arm because the sky was a dark as midnight and as threatening as an evil eyed blood monster.  (I guess that is pretty threatening, what do you think?)  When I got inside and wanted to put my Beige Light Sweater on,  I didn't have it.  I assumed I must have left it in the car, even though I thought I brought it.  Hmmm.....

We ate and I struggled with the rain jacket, it is after all, a man's jacket and too big for me anyway.  But it keeps the rain off, so I keep it handy.  After lunch, we walked to the car, and I saw it.  Oh oh.......

In the middle of the street, in a puddle of water, was my Beige Light Sweater.  And it had gotten rolled over by at least one vehicle.

Oh oh.........

So I apologized profusely to it, and it is now swishing in a nice warm bath in the Maytag, rolling around with some undies and a hand towel from the guest bath.  Like a day at the spa for your clothes.  And I hope it accepts my apology and doesn't shrink.

  (Enjoy the pictures of a few of the thousands of caladiums in the yard.) (thanks to Carrie)


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  1. Your poor sweater! Don't be surprised if it holds a grudge, sweaters are like that you know! :) Glad you found it before it was torn up and destroyed.


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