Sunday, June 3, 2012

oh oh...........two days in a row - Basset Reduction Impending

The two that were ripe on the only tomato plant I have.  I was going to pick today for lunch.

Next sign will be:  Cute Basset For Sale.............Loves tomatoes and Cat Litter

At least I am happy with the stash reduction report.  Maybe I should offer fabric as an incentive for Basset Reduction.  Stash reduction report for the last two weeks is as follows:

used this week -12.25
used in june -12.25
added this week 5
Add in June 5
Used YTD -86.58
Added YTD 48.625
Stash reduction -37.955


  1. He looks like he's really sorry......

  2. Lorenzo says to tell him to behave. I say do not give Lorenzo ideas since I have tomatoes growing too.

  3. Everyone likes fresh ripe tomatoes! Poor Puppy!!! Thanks for the morning laugh!
    June's numbers are starting out great.

  4. Oh no I had to come read more. I was worried you had lost another dog. So sad when it is time to say good bye. I know you will keep him even if he is eating your tomatoes. Very cute.

  5. But but but he's so cute when he's eating your tomatoes or getting into the kitty crunchies! How could you possibly not GIVE him the tomatoes? Maybe if you had given him one of them, he would have let you have the other? LOL! What a silly dog he is, but too cute to be mad at for long!

  6. I know how you feel. I lost my 2 biggest tomatoes to some wild creature during the night. Plus they ate less than half the tomato. So we put up some chicken wire around the garden and my tomatoes are safe again. If you lived really close, I would bring you one of mine.


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