Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Red Stick Sew Day - the fabulous five

There were 5 of us sewing today.  I generally have an idea of who is coming, but it is a wonderful surprise when they actually get there and walk in the door!  I do so enjoy being there and working with everyone.
Today we had Paula, April, Charlene, Ann and me.  Most worked on a duffle bag and I made  messed up making a bag to hold Carrie's birthday present, it was too small......I am not sure how that happened.  Duh.  So tonight I remade one in the correct size.  I just need the handle for it.  I want to get some webbing.  No it is not a duffle bag, just in case Carrie is reading this, which I am pretty sure she is not........sigh.

I wanted a small (operative word here is small) purse to hang around my shoulder so I guess I have now now!  LOL.  Yes, they all laughed at me, it was a silly mistake.

Charlene is doing hers in Halloween fabrics for Grand-daughter Sammy.  I never thought of a seasonal duffle bag!  But I love it.  Sammy is a Halloween lover and these fabrics are leftovers from a quilt Charlene is making for her.  A great way to use up leftovers and have something you know the receiver will love!

Charlene and Paula both left with their bags in various stages, but April went home and finished hers right up.  She sent me this picture.  I asked for permission and haven't heard back, but I am sure she would love to show it off to you.

I do so love the way it doesn't matter what fabrics you use, the bag looks just terrific any way you do it!!!

Yes!  Great work ladies!  I enjoyed spending the day with you all!



  1. Love those duffel bags! I am jealous. Come to Arizona. Please? :)

  2. OK I have to know. What is the duffle bag pattern?


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