Monday, July 2, 2012

design wall and Stash report

Again a combined report for both the stash and the design wall.

used this week -3.250
used in june -21
added this week 0.5
Add in June 52.5
Used YTD -95.25
Added YTD 105.18
Stash reduction 9.93

Still in the positive but I have several things I need to complete this week that should involve some fabric.  And no plans to purchase anything for the rest of the year unless it it totally necessary.

Design Wall this week has a baby quilt on it, requested by my daughter.  She got married 3 years ago, and all her friends were doing the same thing all about that time over a period of about 3 years.  So now they are starting to have babies hot and heavy.  Carrie asked me to make up some cute baby girl and baby boy quilts and a couple of neutral ones for those who don't want to know just yet.

So this one is a Twister, and the 10 inch squares are sewn together and are awaiting the cutting part using the Twister template.

You can also see a Dresden Star I was playing with up there in the corner.  My thought is to do the stars in all red and white fabrics and use a solid white background.  I bought the pattern and templates in Houston on the Shop Hop!


  1. I LOVE your Dresden star. I can see one of those patterns in my future! I seem to love all things Dresden now. :)

  2. I'm waiting for my daughter to start making that request--but she's the first of her friends to get married, so I may have a couple years :)

    The Dresden star is yummy.

  3. Love that Dresden Star. Lookin' good!


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