Tuesday, July 31, 2012

UPDATE Fifteen New Tiny Tiny Tiny Houses From Tickfaw

Cat window
Here are the 15 new houses that were under construction at the Retreat in Tickfaw.  I got two additional blocks put together.

Check out the cute, cute windows

What an idiot I am sometimes.  I randomly decided to trim a set of houses and trees to 3 inches.  I even commented to Ann and Charlene that I had made the houses so big, it was weird.  And never once did I think to consider I was trimming them incorrectly.

Fish in the windwo
Another cat
So I had to add a strip to the bottom and the side of several of the blocks.  Now they all look like they are sitting on a cliff ready to fall over at the slightest wind storm.  I will scatter them around and hopefully you wont' really notice them much at all.  I was not going to let all that work go into the trash can in the wilderness for some chipmunk to find.  I still need to trim the outside of the blocks with sashing and maybe straighten out that 30's kitty house.

Duh............they FINISH at 3 inches!  Geez.



  1. Glen, why do you think that rabbit was hanging around. She wanted those for her burrow.

  2. I think they look just fine. They are supposed to be scrappy. They'll blend and you won't even notice. Well, you might, but others won't.

  3. They are too cute!!! No one but you will ever know if you don't tell them!


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