Monday, July 23, 2012


I have been packing for this retreat for a week now.  And consequently, I have essentially moved my sewing room into the SUV.

I guess I am a bit overzealous here, but I do remember a trip to the retreat center in Clinton, The Feliciana Center.  I arrived there after an hour and a half drive.  The place was so serene and wonderful.  The sewing space was large and open and bright.  The people were so happy and the food was fabulous!

But......and you know the BUT is coming......but I had left the box with all my utensils in it.  My scissors, threads, bobbins, clippers, cutters, rippers, tweezers, pins, needles.  You name it, it was in that box.

So this time, things have gone into the box AND into the SUV the minute I decide I want them.  And, I have loaded more projects into that vehicle than Carter has pills.

I have so many wonderful things to accomplish, if I get half of them done it will be such a productive retreat.

The only thing I can't load is the dogs!

The nose job is healing well, and she walked with us for the first time this morning.  She is bounding around the yard and house and feeling much better.


  1. Ha! I do the same thing whenever I go on a trip or to a class, I have the car packed 2 days before, also have lists - list for this list for that, pre pack list, last minute list ect. One time I went camping and didn't pack the coffee and aluminum foil! Aaaaah! Horrors! No coffee, I was like the bride of Frankenstein without my coffee so never again.
    (sure you couldn't slip the dogs in one of those boxes?) you know they want to go

  2. I spend a lot of time making lists and I have still gone off and left something or another.

    I even you having a whole week to sew. You are going to get soooo much done. I bet you'll have a load for Show and Tell in August.

    The poor dogs will miss you so much. They'll probably be in mourning the whole time you are gone. I bet you'll miss them even more.

    Have a great time!


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