Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1:20 pm Wednesday - my poor roof!

Governor Jindal has been wonderful.  He has lined up federal assistance, national guard troops, distributed generators to nursing homes, bypassed federal regulations on shipping gasoline and supplies, requested additional MREs since we keep only two days worth in state.

He updates the citizens every 4 hours.  Way better than the Katrina Governor Blanco who just sat there and cried because she was overwhelmed by it all.

Jindal just said that the next 30 minutes will be the worst weather yet for us in Baton Rouge.  The band that is approaching is topping at  90 mph winds and sustained at 70 mph.

As he was talking I heard something roll across the roof.  We went out to investigate and found that we have lost two of the roofing tiles that overlap the cap of the roof.  So more will probably follow.  And we know from experience that it may take months to get the roof repaired.

You don't realize how hard the wind is blowing until you are in it.  I need to take some video for you to see.

My poor roof!  But we still have power!  I am quilting the Plaid Bargello on the table in the den watching the hurricane pass through.

glen:  I guess I need to call the quilt Isaac's Winds!


  1. I love the name for your quilt! I'm so glad you have electricity. There's nothing worse than having all day to do things, and no electric to be able to do them, so I do hope you continue to have electric. Thanks so much for the updates. Stay safe.

  2. I heard on the news baton rouge will get the big hit this evening since its moving so slow. I hope your roof stays on, that is scary.

  3. Glenda
    I finished my mystery quilt today. Now I need to get it to Joy.
    Patti J.

  4. The storm really looks terrible! It is inevitable to get roof damage after a storm like that. That’s why it’s ideal to check the roof for any after the storm. It’s one way to make sure you don’t suffer from any other roofing problems in the future, like leaks and stains on the ceiling.


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