Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7:30 AM Wednesday - still waiting

6 am Wed
Blogger is fighting with me in the placement of these pictures.

The storm has virtually stopped just off the coast below New Orleans.  I fell alseep around 1 pm last night, and when I woke at 4:45 am I surely thought I would be seeing rain and wind and that we would have no electricity.  Very little rain had fallen, none in my rain guage even.  So I rushed in and washed my hair and used my electricity while I had it to blow dry.

The wind has picked up, but surprisingly the birds are looking for food so Frank put out one feeder for them.

You can see the wind outside is stronger, we are probably at 30-35
mph now.  But there is virtually no difference in the 6 am and the 10 pm last night. We are still at the edge between the blue and the red.  Bad, bad bad for Louisiana and Mississippi.

The poor people in the lower parishes are getting beaten by this storm.  $14.5 Billion was spent on incresasing the levees.  But one levee that had not been topped in Katrina was not touched.  his time it was overtopped and there is 5 feet of water in the homes there in Plaquemines Parish.   Now the Emergency Responders have to go in and rescue them.  Stupid people should have left during the MANDATORY evacuation!

Grand Isle is suffering a lot of damage and high water.  We have many friends with camps and one who lives there following her retirement.  Wiht no cameras there, it is impossible to tell what damage is happening, but with the storm stalled over the area there seems to be no end.

Dogs went out, paper was delivered and we are still waiting 



  1. As soon as I got done feeding Rudy, I came to your blog to see if you had posted an update. Will continue to pray and hope this can just be over for you as quickly as possible. Thanks for all the updates!

  2. I thought of you this morning as well - glad to see you are ok. I saw on the news this morning alot of flooding in new orleans but of course they only show the most populated places. I feel for all the animals - I know there are alot of strays that are in trouble right now, although animals do have alot more common sense than most people and would probablly have found safe shelter.(I hope)
    thank you for the update and the video - that was cool


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