Thursday, August 16, 2012

Clamp Lamp Clamp Lamp Clamp Lamp Clamp Lamp Clamp Lamp Clamp Lamp Clamp Lamp

I have finally completed the ripping out of the three rows of lizard quilting that had tension problems underneath.  I did a test pattern on the quilt before deciding that it would be safe to begin quilting again.

The test pattern consisted of straight lines in both directions, straight lines up and down and circles and arcs in both right and left configurations.  Sort of an "everything possible" configuration.  I did this to make sure the settings allowed proper tension in all the moves I could make while quilting.

Then, when I was happy with the tensioning.........I ripped THOSE out!  LOL.

One thing that came from the whole process was the placement of my lamp.  Previously I had put clamp lamps.......too funny "clamp lamp" -- say that 5 times fast.....on the ends of the frame.  That gave me some light so I would not be working in my shadow.

One thing about Frank Parks, he is a problem solver.  Whether you want him to solve the problem or not.  Forget about him LISTENING to you, while you are talking he is working on the solution in his head.  But I digress.........

All you have to do is express irritation about something and Frank will come up with a solution.  Some are not really workable, but he has fulfilled his life's destiny by providing you with that solution and he is happy.  Well, he actually did solve a problem for me.  And it was simple.  He moved one of the Clamp Lamps (clamp lamp clamp lamp clamp lamp--it just is funny) to the cross bar on the front handle of the machine.  Now it shines directly on the area I am working, bright (and HOT - so I need a cool bulb in there) so the whole space is well lit, I am not in my shadow and it is perfect.

Did I say HOT?  That called for another solution.  Two in one day and he was in ecstasy!  He brought a stupid looking primary colored plastic miniature fan and put it on the sideboard.  The fan walked all over the surface of the sideboard and off the edge.  Oh, my, he was ready with yet ANOTHER solution!  Ankle weights!

So now, he is like the happiest man in the universe!  Three solutions, all working, and a happy wife.

Can't beat that with a stick.


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