Monday, August 20, 2012

Close up of The Dogs Mystery Quilt

You know what?  No one mentioned the new look!  LOL.  That is my winning quilt from the Paint Chip Challenge!

It is so good to work on a quilt you like to be near.  I was just plain tired of Dan's quilt and all the ripping and reworking of the lizards.  For the quilting on The Dogs I chose a simple star.  However, when Frank kissed me goodbye this morning, he leaned over and got a puzzled look on his face.  
Why, he queries, are you quilting your dogs with marijuana leaves?

Huh?  Oh, hey, I guess they could look sort of like the infernal weed, I'll let you decide.  And hey, how would he know anyway?  Maybe I need to call the quilt Mary Jane's Dogs.  Or Dognip.  

Here are some closeups of the fabrics.  As I got to snapping photos of the various dogs, I realized just how many of them there are.  I still don't think I even got all of them.

The STARS are done with Essentials Thread in Tomato, which perfectly matches the red of the dogs and the dot fabric.  And the major fabric on the back of the quilt came from Ann who saw it in Phoenix when she was visiting her great grands.  It is perfect with the stars and the tomato thread and the whole shebang on the front.

Here's a little Boston Terrier with a decapitated cat?????  Let's hope it is just a toy he is playing with.

The backing is very interesting with a number of dogs in flags of British and American ilk.  Here is a picture of DiNozzo.  Can you tell which one is real and which one is the fabric?  I guess not!

He doesn't have a window seat in the dining/quilting room so he has to look out under the frame until he falls asleep.  He usually curls up on the fabric and batting that is draped on the floor in the early stages.  And he delights every time I crawl my creaky body under there to check my stitches and figure out why the machine in not working.  I am paranoid now since the last quilt and check each row at the ends and in the middle.  

And I had the wires get caught up twice.  And once my stitch regulator unplugged itself.  So I don't need to go to the gym, I had had enough exercise already thank you.



  1. I noticed our new look but was so obsessed with the dog fabric, I forgot to mention it. I really that beagle with the do rag, or is it a cap - either way, I think he's the one smoking the weed in your quilt. Mary jane's dog quilt with a"joint" effort from Dinozzo. He is supervising after all.

  2. I love the quilt on your header! Interesting that I just bought my friend a book called "Lots of candles plenty of cake"!!

  3. Love the new look! And love that quilt in your header too. :) You are so talented! And I am so envious, I still haven't had time to quilt!

  4. Since I got to see it in person, I knew it was meant to be there!


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