Monday, August 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday 8-13-12

I had a rough week.  First, an idiot tossed a dog over the fence at CAAWS and the video went viral!  I did 12 interviews in 3 days with all the local TV and Radio networks, CNN, name it, they called me.

Then Frank and I left for the weekend in Vicksburg and Natchez MS to celebrate our 40th anniversary!  We stayed in Dunleigh Plantation house and were pampered by the staff that knows luxury!  And yesterday, which was the actual anniversary, we went to see Hope Springs.  Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones are fabulous!  In the movie, it was their 31st anniversary.

What am I working on?  Lordy lordy.  I forget it has been so long and so much stuff!

I am STILL unpicking the Lizards, maybe that today some more.  And Jack and Gourdy's Party is still with only two borders, but what nice borders they are!

Sorry for the bad pic!



  1. Sounds like you have really been busy, congrats on your 40th anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary - wish I could have seen one of the interviews!

  3. Wow! 40 years is a real accomplishment. Congratulations!

  4. What a nice anniversary trip.


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