Friday, August 24, 2012

DiNozzo Loves the Fish, Too!

I am off to the Social Security office in a second, my iPad is charging up.  I imagine a long unproductive wait.

Who me????
But first I have to tell you that the comments I am getting about the Paperweight quilt are incredible.  Thank you all, a number of you don't have email addresses.  So know, I love to hear from you too!

This morning, darling, dear DiNozzo decided to help with the fabric I had organized in all those bags, remember that?

This is where I am right now
While I was brushing my teeth, not that long either, he rummages through my fabric bags, ripped all but 2 of them up.  He distributed all the fabric strips in the living room in various corners.  Tossing them everywhere like beads at some drunken Mardi Gras parade.

THEN, he took the background kites and ran up and down the hallway letting them fly on the winds of serendipity.  One was even lodged on the top of a CAT PICTURE!

THEN, he got the mustache trimmer I just bought yesterday.  I use it to rip out seams and usually have to fight Frank for it...........hmmmm, he has no mustache, I wonder what he uses it for?  I probably better not ask. DiNozzo took the box and chewed it open, got the trimmer out and trimmed his mustache.

I could tell he used it because there were bite marks on the handle.


  1. Good Golly, he's a one dog destruction unit!! One of my dogs will help herself to fabric so that she is comfy whilst reclining in my sewing area! But alas, we still love them, and some day when they are gone, we will miss their getting into our fabric!

  2. Aaaaawwwwww, look at that angel face. - hard to believe he's such a rascal.


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