Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Will Miss My Beautiful Friend

Many years ago, when I first moved here and was looking for a job, Lois took me in.  I had just had a new baby, moved to a new city and left all my friends behind.  I had no one in the new city to help deal with the very new baby.  My in laws hated me because I had married their beloved son, he was still tied to his momma and believed everything she said.  And my parents were no where to be seen.

Lois took me in.  She acted like momma to me, which was easy for her since she had 12 kids already!  And she played grandma to Carrie, who just fell into place in a growing list of grandkids.

We spent Christmas and Thanksgiving with Lois and her huge family, after all, what is just a couple more?  And she taught me stuff about recruiting that made my career blossom.

She was the kindest person I had ever known.  Her love for everyone was easy and flowing.  She hugged you for no reason.  No one had ever done that to me!  I found it uncomfortable at first, but after I let my guard down, I found I liked it!

She was an amazing person, her beauty shines in the heart of 42 grandchildren and over 100 great grandchildren. And she was tiny, like 5 foot 8 and 97 lbs.  She wore a size 0 pants!

To see her sitting in her tiny formal living room, next to a small fake plastic Christmas tree surrounded by a huge pile of presents was an incredible sight.  Everyone would stuff themselves into the room and presents would fly though the air.  Every once in a while one would hit you in the head and have your name on it.

Her kids got Tier 1 presents such as small appliances, (yep, they were tossed too!), her grandchildren got Tier 2 gifts such as socks and a gift certificate and the great grands got Tier 3 gifts such as underwear and a $10 bill.  I will never forget the year one of her crazy daughters gave Lois a pair of skimpy bikini underwear.  She held them up high, stepped into them and pulled them up over her pants!

Two things you knew when you were near her, that she loved you no matter what and you could laugh.

I will miss her forever and ever and ever.



  1. Thanks for sharing this memory. Wish I coups have met you both then.

  2. Sorry for your loss - people like Lois are held in our hearts forever.

  3. What a special person, you are very lucky to have known her and she will always be with you. People like that have the express lane to heaven :-)

  4. I have a friend who says the world has a whole in it whenever we lose a special person like that. What wonderful memories you have.

  5. I'm so sorry that you've lost such a wonderful friend.

  6. so sorry for your loss. What fabulous memories and what a tribute to her. She sounds like a great person. we may lose someone but no one can take our memories away.


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