Monday, August 6, 2012

Jack and Gourdy Throw a Party!

That may well be the name of the pumpkin quilt!  How fun it sounds, a party!  Jack and Gourdy!  They sound like really wild and crazy guys.....remember Steve Martin, now HE was a wild and crazy guy.

Here are the pumpkin blocks as they stood for the last two years.  Hey Mary, where are yours?

Here is the candy corn border.  You know, my battery was fading fast and it cut out as I snapped this picture.  I was not sure I had gotten it, and actually, I didn't......LOL

(pause for battery charge.......)

And here is the inner border and the candy corn border on.  Love this quilt. If you look back at the blocks, they look dull.  But the candy corn brightness brings out the light in the faces.  I am pleased with it.

Jack and Gourdy are certainly in good company, with their wide grins and shining faces.  And all the candy corn you can eat!  I wonder if I can come up with names for all of them?

I will audition outer borders tomorrow.  I have some purples, but not a lot so it would have to be a scrappy purple border.  I could do a great orange border, I have a ton of oranges for some reason.

I finally broke down and purchased a yard of a dark purple for the border.  I wish I had some cording to make some orange piping to place between the candy corn and the outer border.

I may wait until tomorrow to work any more on Jack and Gourdy and see about getting some cording.  And then again, it may not matter..........

Which one do you like better?


  1. something tells me that sugar and caffeine were involved in the making of this fun quilt :-)
    I love that border and I agree, when you put that thin orange next to the purple outer border it keeps the candy corn from blending into the border. If you don't have the cording which would be the best option you could try just a 1 1/2" strip (1" finished) although the more I think about it - yes - go get the cording :-0

    do you know 9 kids that might be seeing this quilt? you could name each pumpkin after a kid and write each kids name on the pumkins (small, near the bottom) little kids would probablly get a kick out of seeing their pumpkin at Halloween when they come for trick or treat. although if you know more than 9 kids, you might have to make a bigger quilt :-/ that would mean more sugar and caffeine consumption though

  2. Too cute! And I love the title!

  3. I'd do a skinny orange and a wider purple. Maybe some candy corn in the corners. Love the blocks and "Jack and Gourdy." The only other name that comes to mind is Peter (as in "pumpkin-eater").

  4. Those are so cute! I LOVE the candy corn border

  5. Love these happy jacks! The free form candy corn looks great. I like the orange separating the purples. It can be hard to find a good orange. Enjoy!

  6. I like the little touch of orange. The candy corn border is fab!

  7. First of all I love a good halloween quilt! Love the use of orange and purple together too. That said -- I would use purple as the outer border and bind it in black. The black is really good in this quilt too!

  8. Yup, the narrow orange and then the purple! It really brightens it up and separates the colors well. :)


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