Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mouse turns 10, an incredible guy

See Mouse reading to children:

Mouse is a misnomer.  He is 135 lbs of pure Swissy male!  His name is actually:

Multi Int/Am CH, Dixieland Blazing Maximus, CGC, HIT, SS, SWET, WETT, HIC, WETX, WTXX, WPD, DD, WWDX, RN, CD, Delta, VGS

We showed with him in Texas when Dutch was a young guy, and we all knew him as Max.  Max is a sweet sweet boy and Jennie has done a lot of stuff with him, as you can see all his titles and certifications 

He has his Canine Good Citizen and his Companion Dog title, several water rescue titles, a drafting title, a couple of Rally Obedience titles and of course championships in conformation in several countries.  He also has his herding (sheep) certifications.  Max is also a therapy dog for Delta which is a nationally high level therapy organization.

The most incredible part is that he has a rare title from the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog National Club called the Versatility Greater Swiss (VGS).  That means he has a conformation championship plus four other titles they recognize.

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  1. what a special dog! and owner for realizing what an angel that she has - I wonder why newfies and swissy's make such good reading buddies for kids but I have seen both in that role and the kids love them.


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