Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stash report 8-19-12

I did well, this week.  It was Blog Hop Week in South Louisiana and I only went to ONE store and didn't' buy a single thing at that store.  I did, however, lust after some 10" elephants that were mocking me with leafy trunks and curliques all over them.

I just may have to go own a few before the month is over........but not this week!  LOL.

I finished the quilting on Dan's Quilt, the infamous lizard quilting, and it is off the frame.  I am waiting to put another one on this weekend and and see if I can knock out some quickies I can use for Christmas presents.  That should deplete some of the fabrics from Mom and Pat for the backing.  Lots of yardage.

And I am beginning to cut the strips for the Paperweight pattern so that should use up some pieces I have had sitting around fa-evah!  Maybe the elephants can become the backing for this paperweight quilt?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Click here to see how I organize my fabrics I cut out for patterns.  I can't wait to get started on this quilt!  Here is my usage for the week.  Just the hummingbird piece which was very small.  I am still over, but to a lesser degree than last week.  And next week I should have some big usages!  Crossing my fingers and toes I get to quilt!

used this week    -0.5
used in august        -4
added this week      0
Add in August         5
Used YTD        -124.5
Added YTD      127.18
Stash reduction    +2.68

PS,.....  OOPS! I think I am early!


  1. Those elephants are so pretty, not sure I wouldn't have given up and bought them!!! You "did good" my friend, but you KNOW you want them! hehehehehe

  2. Oh, let us know the name of the fabric line of those elephants - I wouldn't have been able to resist! Good numbers, too.

  3. The elephants are really cute. You are so close to break even, that's good stash management.


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