Saturday, August 25, 2012

Taking Time With The Paperweights

And deciding what quilt to put on the frame next.  No quilting since I have been dealing with my mom stuff and Lois' funeral stuff.  So joyful yet so sad to lose her.  Over her many years, she created a tight family unit and they all came to her for her wisdom.  I imagine that Suzette will now fall into that role.  She is so like her mother.

We just got back from the movie 2016.  If you plan to vote either way this election, you need to see this one.  It is a historical and fact filled documentary.  That is all I will say about it.

Now off to sew more Paperweights!  Anyone wishing to do the Paperweight by Aardvark pattern will find it easier if you talk to me first.  Unless you are a really experienced quilter or like going through the figuring out process, it will be easier to have my mistakes and education as a guide.

It is NOT difficult, but it could be!

Maybe we could get together at the Red Stick and go through some of the ways to do the various sections and see what we can accomplish!

By 4 o'clock it was definitely growing! And feeling good.  There are circles that didn't have the proper cut strips so I have been using them as the edge half circles.  It works out nicely.

And I am getting better at sewing the circles and using the registration marks.

I found this on the internet at some point, it is called Cafe and I am not sure who did it, but I love it.  See the kites and the triangles?  Maybe that can be my NEXT project!  You know I have all those leftover shirts and plaids!


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