Friday, August 3, 2012

The Celeb Goes To The Plastic Surgeon For Her Post Op Check

Being a celebrity getting plastic surgery is always newsworthy.  And there are lots of paparazzi just waiting to pounce on the glamour hound for pictures that will garner them a front page shot.

And Chloe the Smelly Basset was no different.  When she was scheduled for her 2 week post op, we knew it would be necessary to provide some cover story and a disguise.  So we sent DiNozzo and Frank out for the "normal" morning walk around the block to throw the paparazzi off track.  IT may have worked because as the queen of the screen walked to the waiting limo, there were no cameras in sight.

But the clever photogs were not that easily put off.  By the time Chloe the Smelly arrived at her plastic surgeon's office, there they were, snapping their infernal cameras in her face.  Three of the vet techs had to run to get their cameras and the official vet photographer had to come in and get a photo of the old girl.  She submitted compliantly to photos of her incognito costume.

She is hoping that no one recognizes her though.

The report was good, a sizable amount of nose bone had to be removed and a product was put in its place that allows cells to grow on a gauze like pad and regenerate tissue.  Otherwise the side of the grand muzzle would be sunken in and tender into the nostril.  And we can't have a disfigurement if she wants to continue her celebrity status.

The stitches are absorbing well, but there was one place that still concerned the vet.  A blade of grass was wedged into a hole between the stitches!  When he pulled it out it was over two inches long.  Geez. Now his concern was that the body had formed a sac around the grass blade and would fill with fluid and get infected.  So we must return in three weeks to get it checked out.

He says there is a 95% chance the epulis will never return, but if it does it will be in the next tooth.  He did not want to continue to remove teeth that were otherwise healthy.  So we will watch it and jump on the band wagon as soon as it appears to be returning again.

These are good side views of the new nose.  And she can go out in public again in confidence that her beauty precedes her once again!

And her friend Abbey the Collie Lass is feeling better.  And that is always a good thing.  Slurpies to you, Abbs.



  1. Lol! No wonder both Jimmy Kibble and David Petterman have been calling Abbey trying to get her to diverge Cloe's secret location. - they want her first interview with the new nose. But never fear Abbey's snout is sealed :-)

  2. Give the celebrity gal a smooch from me!


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