Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday 6:42 pm

It is just now that we are seeing our very first bit of rain.  Sprinkles, really.

We debated about the cars.  We have a carport.  One side is open and the other side has a single garage attached.  Should we move a vehicle out from under the carport should it fall or the oak tree falls on it? That way we would have at least one available vehicle.

From the open side looking out
The down side of leaving one out in the open is the flying debris.  The safest place not under the carport would be under the crepe myrtles between our house and Dale's.  It is just our driveway there and no tall trees to fall.  But debris could fly between the houses, and because it is a tunnel of sorts, the wind would pick up speed and strength.

In the end, we decided to leave both the van and the SUV under the carport.  27 years and it has not fallen, well, except for the time Carrie put her Accord into first rather than reverse and took out the center post!  You should have seen her face that day.  And you should have seen Frank's.

Here is that back patio furniture close up to the house.  It is open and the wind should just go through it rather than push them around.  You have to think of things like that.

I went around picking up all the dog toys.  At 60 mph I don't think a skunk will go through a window, but you never know.  Chloe tossed it up in the air and it came down on her head.  DiNozzo was upset and wanted it.  She wanted him to leave it alone.  They are at a stalemate and the skunk is still on her head 15 minutes later.

And it has stopped raining.


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  1. Saying lots of prayers for you and those around you that you get through this without damage. Keep us updated, it's really very interesting reading this!


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