Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two Near Finishes

I finally finished Dan's quilt and put the binding on this morning, now I have to hand sew it down.  Do you like the feet in there?

And I am not really sure I ever showed you the whole of the Elephant quilt.  I am in negotiations with      a fabulous long arm quilter to do the finish work.  I cannot put it on my frame because the blocks are bigger than the arm.  It really needs bigger and better than me.

I hope my choice accepts the challenge, she really is a fabulous quilter and I love what I have seen her do for others.

We shall see.

I tried to get the back of The Dogs for you, but as you can see, I had problems.  Chloe wanted to be on it and didn't want DiNozzo on it.  DiNozzo wanted on it regardless.  So a good natured scuffle ensued. Queen of the Hill kind, since Chloe always wins.   Lots of noise, lots of running, lots of barking.  Very little of the quilt.



  1. Yay Chloe! I love all three quilts.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love that elephant quilt! I can't wait to see how it's quilted!


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