Thursday, September 13, 2012

925 Posts and Frank

Cn you believe that?  I guess you can, there are some who say I talk too much..........

Frank is one of those.  He barely listens to me chattering away, says little.  But he is always willing to bring something I have forgotten to a retreat house or a class somewhere.  Or like this Karen Stone Class last Saturday, he is even willing to bring Charlene something she forgot.

I have to tell.....she forgot the wires to her machine!  LOL.  So I called Frank and asked if he would bring my mom's machine up to the class and he did.  Willingly with no complaints.  As luck would have it, the wires fit to Charlene's machine and she got to sew on her own machine.  Which was good.

This is a great picture of Franklin.  LOL.  Maybe.  That is what he thinks he looks like.  This is what he actually looks like.  Not bad, not too bad at all.  Kinda like the Crocodile Hunter, eh?

Don't call him Frankie, he hates that.  But you can call him Paco.  He likes that.  Or Franco.  That is OK too.  Guess what I call him when I am frustrated with him?

I think I will offer a prize of a quilt pattern for someone who comments on my 1000th post.

And I may just also offer a prize of a quilt pattern for someone who makes the 2000th post.  Right now we are at 1935.

I am counting down!

Should I post more often?  Should YOU comment more often?  I say YES!



  1. You are a perfect friend just the way you are!

  2. To funny! You Are the luckiest woman in the world to have not only 3 of the best behaved dogs in the world but the best man in the south. Put a thin mustache on him and he would be a ringer for Rhett Butler and of course we all know that you are the Scarlett of Baton Rouge ;-)

  3. Who is the first picture of? I have not posted for a couple of days on my blog. I just feel off kilter and a little blue. I will be ok. It didn't help that my neighbor was drunk and talking loudly 1 - 3 a.m. Wednesday. I had my windows open and I could not sleep with all the noise he was making. He only does this once or twice a year and they are good neighbors otherwise.

  4. I think quilters have very good husbands!


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