Friday, September 7, 2012

Karen Stone Comes to River City Guild

We laughed through her powerful Power Point presentation of her technique showcasing her fabulous quilts.  She is such a funny lady, you can't help but be inspired by just being with her.

Karen Stone's Happy Rickrack
Which I Think is the Happy
And she has cats!  LOL.  I think all quilt ladies have cats.  Her cats are a part of her quilting process!  As are my dogs.  Whitney used to come and lay on my quilts as I was workng.  And Cali has done that a few times.  But now that she is old and feeble she stays in the sun most of the day.  But DiNozzo is alwyas with me, either in his window or on his bed.

Karen's techique is pretty wide open.  She does intricate and beautiful work by intuituon.  She told of her beginnings, she was lucky enough to fall into a group of accomplised and published quilters even before she started the first stitch.  From there she developed her own style, what you see today is the result of her thoughts and ideas put on fabric.

I fell in love with all her quilts. even the ones I felt neutral to in the pictures.  The pictures just don't do her work justice actually.  Her quilts seem out of my range and ability.  Even Charlene, who is quite an accomplished quilter, felt a bit intimidated by the work on her quilts.

My class on Satuday is going to be Karen's Happy Chihuahua Quilt.  It has nothing to do with Chihuahuas, mind you, i just like the name!  I tried getting you a picture but I could not capture one

I have to find my supply list and get working on it while I still have daylight to buy what I don't have.  And Charlene is coming tonight to stay so we can get an early start on the class in the morning.



  1. You will have to start distinguishing between the two Charlenes. This one who is spending the night is NOT an accomplish quilter but the other one is! I am still looking for things too.

  2. Karen does gorgeous work - I took a class with her years ago. It was lots of fun and I am still in awe of her stuff!

  3. Does she have a website? I have always loved her Cinco de Mayo!


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