Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stash Reduction Report 9-9-12

With America gearing up toward 9-11 on Tuesday they have been showing some great documentaries on TV lately.  I watched one the night Charlene stayed here that was from the victim's perspective in all 4 planes.  I didn't know that people from the tower were on the phones with their families and police and EMS while the towers were actually falling.

As I watched the towers fall even from the perspective of 11 years out, it felt like I was watching it happening all over again.  It was incredibly emotional.

We should never forget that feeling we had that day.

In other news..............Karen Stone came and lectured and gave two classes AND I've got a new foster.  Another cruelty case, if he is heartworm negative he will go up north in a transport to a wonderful, prescreened perfect forever home.

See McGee at  this post  He is undercover presently waiting his medical reports and will lose his manhood next week.

My stash went down!  Yeah! 20.5 yards and counting!  I told you when I got the tension correctly set on the quilting machine it would zip out some UFOs and eat up some yardage.  Look for even more in the future!  The Elephants are going out to Charlene H. for quilting.  We made plans to have them done so I need to get the back put together and the whole shebang squared up.  I hate squaring up a quilt.  Is there an easy way?

used this week -4.5
used in Sept -4.5
added this week 0
Add in Sept 0
Used YTD -148.5
Added YTD 128
Stash reduction -20.5

Have a great week and if you want a cute boy, let me know!


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  1. Doesn't it feel great to report some yardage usage. Yeah!!
    Way to go, Glen!


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