Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Fabric Diet - stash report 9-16-12

I have a freind who is dieting.  She is doing exercises and hard work but the pounds aren't falling off!  I have been there myself.  I think we all have.  And when we are there, we always think to ourselves, how did I let myself get this fat?  She has a lot of gumption, so I am thinking that by the wedding she will be beautiful and thin and very muscular!  Yes!

I have been working on not buying fabric for two years now.  And I think I have done pretty well.  But I still seem to have fabric everywhere.  And you know my story, don't you.  Yes you do.

I have my own fabrics.  But my mother needed to move to an Assisted Living Apartment and I took half of her fabrics in with mine.  Then my beloved friend Pat dies and leaves her 4 sons all her fabrics.  They ship a ton of it to me, and I mingle them in with my fabrics and my mother's.

Then my mother ends up in the nursing home after the fall with end stage Alzheimers.  So the rest of her fabrics come to mingle with mine (and hers and Pat's).

So easily half to 2/3s of the fabric in my house is not what I have chosen to purchase.  I do like most of it, and am unwilling to dump it all into the fabric auctions at the guilds, but it was still not my choice to puchase most of what I have.

So not only am I fat, but my fabric is fat too.  So far this year I am down 22.5 yards even with that huge buying splurge at the 50 and 60% off sale at Fabric Krazy!

used this week -2.750
used in Sept -7.25
added this week 1
Add in Sept 1
Used YTD -151.5
Added YTD 129
Stash reduction -22.5


  1. You are doing great! Just look at all the bags and quilts you have completed so far this year on top of all the stressful events that have happened. Keep plugging away and either gift the fabric to the guild/friends or make some charity tops and gift those. If you believe, you can achieve!

  2. you are doing great by not purchasing much fabric - I go through spells of it. I don't buy a lot but then I will see a really good sale or I win a give away and more fabric gets up on the shelves and I don't see to use it up all that fast.

  3. Congratulations! I know you will find wonderful things to do with all that fabric you inherited.

  4. I bet Pat's sons were so grateful that you were willing to give her fabrics a new home. Are there any fabrics from your mom's or Pat's stash that you can cut into a 40 inch square and add some type of pieced border (maybe 4 patches) to make some lap quilts or baby quilts? It is hard to resist the new fabric lines that have been coming out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I definitely hear you when it comes to your stash. Most of what I have is also from others, some way or another.

  6. You don't need to feel guilt about fabric you didn't buy -- at least that's my theory! As long as you've got a halfway reasonable place to store it. And when/if you decide to pass it on, you can do it without guilt.

  7. I don't mind a fat stash ... for now. I can do without a fat me...working on that!! That 'not so favorite' stuff you inherited is the perfect makings for donation quilts or practice quilts! Have a good week, Glen! :)

  8. I just don't get the whole stash report thing although I see a lot of people doing it so there must be a reason. I think I would tend to use up fabric just for the sake of using it and would end up up with one ugly thrown together quilt. But that's just me;-)

  9. Keep up the good work! I too am a little on the heavy side, fabricwise. So I sent out an email to my guild pals telling them if they are working on a project and need fabric to call me first and see if I have what they are looking for. It has worked out great! It makes me look through fabric since I am searching for something (chicken fabric- and yes i had some!) and I have seen my fabric make its way into a quilt without much work on my part! LOL!


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